iOS 11.2 may remove Apple Pay Cash, which is used to stop iPhone-related bugs

iPhone iOS 11.2
Last weekend, Apple rolled out iOS 11.2 to stop bugs related to December 2, which continuously interfere with certain iPhone models that use iOS 11.1.1. The problem unit receives a notification sequence from a particular app, originating from within the user's iPhone. Update 11.2 claimed to be able to stop the problem, also equipped with new features such as three new wallpapers for iPhone X.

Other features available in the update are faster charging capabilities for compatible iPhone units, and Apple Pay Cash. However, the peer-to-peer payment system began to experience problems starting last Monday.
A number of related roses of iOS 11.2 and Apple Pay Cash are outstanding, calling them to remove Apple Pay Cash on the iPhone using the latest iOS, users can no longer reinstall iMessange, except erase iOS from iPhone and reinstall.
The information is disseminated by employees who work at Apple Support. Although Apple Pay Cash erased from iPhone, users still can transfer money using new features via Siri.
Apple is expected to roll out a software update that lets users remove and add Apple Pay Cash to iMessage if desired. For now, if you still feel it will use it, users are advised not to remove it from iPhone.