iPhone became the highest selling product during the year 2017

Apple iPhone 5 Shanghai
GBH Insight research firm reported that the Apple iPhone is the best-selling technology product during 2017. The iPhone is estimated to have sold 233 million units during 2017.

The amount is higher than the sales of the second position of the list of products producers with the highest sales. The second position is occupied by Samsung who sells five products of his work during 2017.

Samsung has sold the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 33 million units. Meanwhile, the low-end Amazon low-end speaker, Echo Dot, was ranked number two with sales reaching 24 million units during 2017.

Apple also ranked fourth as a product with the most sales during 2017, through Apple Watch. Apple's smart watch is reportedly sold as many as 20 million units during this year.

The product that ranked fifth and as the closing list of the top five products with the highest sales of 2017 is the Nintendo Switch hybrid console. This year, the device sold 15 million units.

Occupying the first rank is nothing new for the iPhone. In the 2016 report last year, the iPhone also ranked first on the list of products with the highest sales. In the past year, the iPhone managed to sell as many as 211 million units.

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