Jony Ive returned directly responsible for Apple's design team after 2 years

Jony Ive, who served as Chief Design Chief Apple since 2015, is now returning directly responsible for Apple's design team after two years out of office. Ive is the mastermind behind the ergonomic design of the various products that Apple launched during former CEO Steve Jobs served in the 1990s and 2000s.

Ive no longer in charge of the design team's management directly since 2015, when he became Chief Design Officer. Indeed he is still watching the designs made, but the executives and members of the design team no longer report to him.

At that time, 50-year-old Ive was trying to build a foundation so she could resign from Apple. However, it seems that now Ive once again actively working at Apple and in control of the design team.

In the page about Apple's leader, no longer written the name of Alan Dye, Vice President of User Interface Design or Richard Howarth, Vice President of Industrial Design. Both are in control of the design team after Ive no longer responsible directly.

Apple's decision to get Ive back directly responsible for the design team shows that Apple is trying to solve the problems they are facing right now.

Apple has difficulty maintaining its reputation as a company with excellent hardware and software design. The existence of a bulge on the top of the iPhone X or their decision to eliminate the audio jack since the iPhone 7 has made Apple received harsh criticism.

Apple is still a company with the largest valuation in the world. Ive's decision to return to work actively at Apple shows that Apple realizes that they have made a mistake and are willing to improve.

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