Kaspersky Lab security company is banned by the UK for not using its services

Kaspersky Lab Britain
Kaspersky Lab's security firm is sucked on the allegations that their service has links with its home state intelligence service, Russia. If yesterday the United States has clearly confirmed that every government agency to remove Kaspersky Lab programs from the system within 90 days. Now the UK recommends not to use Kaspersky Lab service.

Although it is still limited to the warning of the National Cyber Security Agency UK has advised all government agencies not to use products that could threaten national security.

They are worried about programs and services, not just Kaspersky Lab that may have been burglarized by the Russian government and used to spy on the activities of British citizens in the digital world.

Barclays banking services is one service that has been offering free installation of Kasperksy Lab service to its customers are now rumored to have no longer do that.

Barclays party spread emails to its 290 thousand customers that they no longer provide free download of Kaspersky Lab service.

The release of warning letters from the UK government is said to be limited to risk aversion, there is no clear evidence that Kaspersky Lab's products and services are spies for Russia. The British government is also still holding discussions with the Kaspersky Lab.

As already reported that the Founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab Eugene Kaspersky is very upset over allegations of the United States government. He firmly stated that the United States government deliberately and planned to make the name Kaspersky Lab damaged. 

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