KCC asked Apple to explain in more detail about the company's actions deliberately slow the performance of old iPhone to protect the old battery

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South Korea's telecommunications regulator, Korea Communications Commission (KCC), asked Apple to explain in more detail the company's actions deliberately slow down the legacy iPhone performance to protect the aging battery. Apple's secret was revealed last week.

"We hope to get some answers to Apple's move that deliberately limits the performance of old iPhone and try to hide it from consumers," KCC said in a statement.

Apple's actions slow down the performance of the iPhone does get criticized in South Korea, but the company will not be fined.

Based on South Korea's media note, The Investor, KCC has no jurisdiction over Apple and can not conduct an official investigation. The action KCC can take is to ask details of why and how Apple is reducing the performance of mobile phones to overcome battery problems.

Apple has previously revealed the reasons for slowing the performance of the old iPhone. It is considered to be done to overcome the degradation of the battery as a way to prevent unexpected shutdown.

"Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for consumers, which includes overall performance and extend the life of their devices. Lithium batteries are increasingly becoming less able to supply the needs when in cold conditions, have low power or over time making the device die suddenly to protect various electronic components in it, "explained the Apple.

Apple deliberately slows the iPhone's performance to maintain its battery life. In addition, at the same time can also prevent battery life drained faster than expected, because if not done can cause the device to die suddenly.

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