LG Display confirmed it does not manufacture and distribute OLED panels for iPhone X throughout 2017

LG Display logo
Apple iPhone X comes with a new OLED screen, being the first device owned by the iPhone, because the previous model supported LCD screen. One of the world's two largest OLED producers, LG Display, confirmed it did not distribute the screen for iPhone X.

The confirmation means that the screen on the iPhone X units available on the market today is the screen of Samsung's screen production division. Samsung's OLED display technology was first introduced in 2010.

Since then, Samsung has made a number of improvisations on the screen to date. Apple previously mentioned that his company decided to wait for more mature OLED technology before using it on the iPhone.

The use of the iPhone OLED display also indicates that OLED technology has now reached a mature phase. In addition, the display panel on the iPhone X is also one of the most expensive components on Apple's latest smartphone.

Meanwhile, at this time, Apple is facing a number of lawsuits due to recognition in slowing the performance of the iPhone with the old version of the battery. Responding to this, LG also gave a response in the form of a rebuttal to perform similar actions on his mobile phone.

Not only LG, Samsung, Motorola and HTC have also denied that their company ever and will do the same on the third mobile phone with the support of older versions of the battery.

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