Mark Zuckerberg sister suffered verbal sexual abuse on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines
Unpleasant incident experienced by Randi Zuckerberg, founder sister and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. She suffered verbal sexual abuse while flying on an Alaska Airlines flight. Randi flew from Los Angeles to Mazatlan, Mexico. The male passenger sitting next to him in the First Class cabin repeatedly said dirty and nasty sentences to Randi.

When telling her the problem to the flight attendant she is only advised to move the chair and so as not to confuse the passenger's words. Randi was not accepted by the treatment.

"He talked about his fantasies, commenting about the body of the woman who entered the plane and many other words that are just as horrible and nasty," Randi wrote on Facebook.

The flight attendant said that the passenger had often flown with Alaska Airlines and indeed often like that his behavior. Randi who felt uncomfortable initially willing to be asked to move a chair, but he discouraged.

"I then realized why I had to move, I was the one who was abused, by the passengers already known by the flight attendants often acting inappropriately in the past," Randi wrote again.

After the case was crowded in social media Randi then contacted the executive of Alaska Airlines. They said they were investigating the case and that passengers should not fly with Alaska Airlines for a while.

Randi is a former spokesman for Facebook and Director of Market Development. This 35-year-old woman resigned from Facebook in 2011 and founded a digital content company called Zuckerberg Media.  

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