Microsoft explains the reason for producing folding phones according to its latest patent

Microsoft Surface folding phone
In the last week, circulating information that calls the folding device works of the Microsoft Surface division, and predicted will soon slide. The device is reportedly armed with phone-like and mobile-sized capabilities that may change to other forms.

Microsoft reads part of its newest patent document that is registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The patent registration document includes a number of pictures showing a 360-degree hinge, supporting Microsoft's Andromeda devices.

With the patent, Microsoft explained that the folding phone becomes the necessary form to keep the device comfortable while it is stored in the pocket. To increase the size, the screen is now present and dominate the entire body of the device.
To increase the size of the phone screen, the original size of the unit will also become larger. Because to keep the device fit in a pocket comfortably, Microsoft is equipping it with a folding screen design.
Microsoft also said, double-sailing devices will become more popular. With multiple screens, mobile phones or tablets will be easily accessible, with the position expanded and the two screens blend together seamlessly, allowing you to experience the integrated screen usage as a single screen.
And when in a closed condition, the two screens will face each other and protect each other. In a fully open position, the double screen is backed up, so the user must fold the device to be able to display the other screen.