Microsoft updated Skype iOS version is equipped with support for iPhone X

Skype for iPhone
iPhone X owners may already know that some iOS apps have not offered support for iPhone X. However, since it was announced a few months ago, a number of developers are trying to optimize apps to fit the iPhone X screen.

The latest company that helped adjust the application is Microsoft. The Redmond, Washington, United States based company announced an update available for Skype iOS device version.

The iOS version of Skype updates is provided with support for iPhone X. Skype users can now take advantage of apps on the device's overall screen. Microsoft also confirmed Skype iOS version will come with a new and better design.

In addition, a number of improvements in reliability and performance are also presented by Microsoft on the update. The iOS version Skype update is available for download on Apple's app store, the App Store.

Meanwhile, Microsoft released a preview version of the Whiteboard application on all Windows 10 devices. The app will allow users to share and collaborate utilizing digital ink. 

The application also allows Windows 10 users to use image ink, create mockups, or notes on the virtual whiteboard. 

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