Niantic presents Christmas-themed Pikachu and a number of special Pokemon

Pokemon Go Christmas Event
Niantic rolled out a number of updates for Pokemon Go in December. The update presents a number of new features and improvements to keep players entertained. The update comes right at the start of the holiday season, and presents a number of changes related to the Christmas theme. For starters Pikachu themed celebrations present for a limited time period, as well as a number of ice-type Pokemon.

Niantic also announced the water and ice type Pokemon originally found in the Hoenn area of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire video games will also appear on Pokemon Go for the first time.

The developer of the game application also confirmed a special bonus on the update. The first PokeStop player visit every day between December 22 and December 25 will get a disposable Egg Incubator by rotating the first Photo Disc.

Special boxes will also be available in the store inside the game app, which contains a number of things like Super Incubator, Lure Modules, as well as new Star Pieces. However, it will only be available within a certain timeframe, which is December 21-25.

Update is available for Android and iOS. Unfortunately the presence of Pokemon Go is not only entertaining, but also catastrophic.

According to a recent report called "", the gamers are the cause of accidents that occurred in some areas, one in Tippecanoe County Indiana, United States.

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