Pay Attention 5 Things Before Purchasing Power Bank

Power Bank
No wonder if now more and more power bank with various brands and models sold in the market. Starting from offering large capacity contents until the price is very cheap.

But it turns out, although more and more models and variants of the price, you must be vigilant lho if you want to buy a new power bank. Especially if you want to buy a power bank that is very cheap and offer a large content capacity.

1. Do not buy cheap power banks and large capacity contents

If there are cheap goods but it looks quality must be bought. Same kayak power bank. If there is a cheap price and offers a large capacity surely you immediately rush to buy. The mindset like this is wrong because it could be a power bank that offers large contents capacity and cheap price is a replica product that uses recycled batteries or unfit batteries.

Instead of profit you will even be more loss if you buy power bank like this. Because the power bank like this is at risk of damaging the smartphone you know.

2. Check the completeness of the power bank feature

Do not be happy if you just want to buy a power bank, find there is a cheap price and large capacity. Check the features of the power bank that you want to buy it.

Starting from there is a feature of short circuit protection that is a feature that protects the gadget when there is a short circuit in the power bank that you buy. Continue to check also, is there feature over charging protection is a feature that prevents the power to flow continuously when the gadget battery is full.

Then lastly, check whether there is a feature temperature protection feature that detects and detects excess heat during charging in your power bank. An easy way to know whether there are features in your power bank is to check in the box or if you buy online make sure the features are in the product description section.

3. Make sure what power bank you want to buy warranty or not

Apparently not just smartphones lho there is warranty. Power bank turns out there is also warranty repair. Almost the same as other gadgets, the power bank guarantee is usually given for a year by the manufacturer. Well if pas you buy it there is no warranty in your power bank then it could be a fake power bank.

4. Select a certified power bank

Many people would not realize that the power bank that really qualified it must have a certification. Just like gadgets, power bank certification is usually based on certification from UL Certification. So if the power bank that you will buy it is not there this certification. Then you must be vigilant. The problem is definitely a fake power bank. Obviously do not buy.

5. Also note the power bank's built-in connector

So, every time you buy a power bank will always be equipped with a variety of connectors. Well if you buy power bank from brand that has been quite famous kinds of Samsung and Xiaomi then note the authenticity of the connector innate.

Do not be tempted by the cheap price and large capacity, but make sure the original connector is not what it is. If not original, might make your smartphone fill with fake power connector bank so damaged.

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