Qualcomm demands Apple to ban sales of the iPhone X

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The legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple still continues. On the same day Apple sued Qualcomm, the chip maker also sued Apple. This time Qualcomm alleges that Apple has infringed 16 Qualcomm patents on the iPhone 7, 8 and X as well as Plus variants. Many of the patents mentioned by Qualcomm include battery power, but there are also patents that focus on other technologies on smartphones.

In one case Qualcomm said, Apple relies on Qualcomm's patented technology to create Portrait Mode on the iPhone.

Qualcomm did not mention the fines they wanted on their charges. In addition to penalties, Qualcomm also asked Apple to stop using the technology they claim they have patented.

Qualcomm even asked the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban the import of iPhone X that uses modems from its competitors, Intel. Prohibition of import is the same prohibit Apple sells iPhone homemade.

Qualcomm also claims that they have a patent that includes an interface on iPhone X, as well as other technologies first developed by Palm.

"Everything created by Palm owned by Qualcomm has made mobile devices much more useful and enhances the usage experience and all those technologies can be found on Apple products without license or permission," Qualcomm wrote in the proceedings.

Prior to this, Qualcomm has incorporated similar demands on Apple. In July, Qualcomm also requested that Apple be banned from selling the iPhone. Through this demand, Qualcomm will also include a ban on the sale of iPhone X, which has not been released when a legal battle with Apple began.

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