Researchers from China found a way to jailbreak iOS 11.2.1 on iPhone X

iOS 11.2.1
Security researchers from Alibaba claim that they have successfully jailbreak on iPhone X using iOS 11.2.1. The researchers explained that initially they have managed to break into iOS 11.2, but the same method can also be used to jailbreak on 11.2.1 just released last week.

Head of Secure Pandora Labs, Alibaba, Song Yang said that the jailbreak process is perfect and different from other jailbreak methods that have been done before.

However, Pandora Labs is not planning to release the methods they use to the wider community. They also do not provide full information on how they do this jailbreak. Pandora Labs mentions that what they are doing is for security research purposes only.

iPhone X Jailbreak

"Although iOS 11.2 has corrected some security issues, we have confirmed that the latest iOS can still be jailbreaked on the first day it was released.While we managed to jailbreak on iOS 11.2 quickly, we still only limit this to security research purposes, our team will not provide a tool to jailbreak. "

Although there is no detailed information on how to jailbreak, it seems that the method used by researchers at Pandora Labs utilizes a buffer overflow slot in memory, which leads to a panic kernel. It remains unknown whether the other party will be able to replicate this method.

Although the jailbreak method can only be done on older iOS versions, what Alibaba does show that their method can also be used on the latest iOS version, which is 11.2.1.  

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