Samsung is blocking third party dock support for DeX features on Galaxy S8 and S8 +

Galaxy S8 and S8+
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + have received the latest Android 8.0 beta update. Unfortunately, the update comes with a number of flaws. Samsung blocks the use of third-party DeX docks with their phones. Samsung DeX is a feature that allows Galaxy S8 and S8 + owners to connect the phone to the dock, and gain experience using desktop by connecting the dock to the monitor.

Assessing Samsung's official dock price of US $ 150 is less affordable, some consumers choose to look for alternatives. One of the XDA Developer's users is able to turn the MacBook into a DeX dock, utilizing the processing power of mobile phones and Mac screens, trackpads and keyboards.

When performing an update to the latest beta, the user finds that their work solution will only display the phone screen, rather than presenting the full DeX desktop experience.

But the dock Samsung DeX is considered to have advantages such as the ability to charge the phone at the same time, and able to utilize the internet network from mobile data on mobile. However, the presence of a simpler alternative device makes Samsung predicted position will have difficulty.

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