Samsung is preparing a new version of the wireless charger and will be released simultaneously with the Galaxy S9

samsung wireless charger
Samsung is reportedly serious in the realm of wireless charger devices, as it judges as one of the most convenient devices to charge smartphones with compatibility with Qi technology.

Samsung's seriousness is also supported by information that calls the South Korean company is preparing a new version of wireless charger. The device is rumored to be released simultaneously with Samsung Galaxy S9 at the beginning of next spring.

The so-called wireless Charger will be present as a device that is not only stylish, but also serves as a buffer via a rotating bottom part. In addition, there are also LED indicators that light up when the device is located in the middle and in the filling condition.

Not only Samsung, Apple previously also reportedly preparing the wireless charger device AirPower. The device promises the ability to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPod simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to be officially announced on February 25, 2018, or on Sunday before the title of Mobile World Congress (MWC) event begins. So consumers have to endure curiosity for the next two months.