Samsung smartphones and tablets will use 512GB of internal memory

Samsung 512GB internal memory
The capacity of the smartphone internal storage space is now one of the most important things for users. By far the largest internal memory capacity of 256GB and new in a handful of smartphones. In the future the capacity of internal memory will increase. This is because Samsung has just announced the start of mass production process for 512GB of internal memory. 512GB internal memory produced Samsung is claimed as the first 512GB internal memory.

Samsung in a statement reveals, 512GB of internal memory capacity will be used for various mobile devices, such as for smartphones and tablets. Despite having a large capacity, Samsung calls this internal memory will have a fast performance.

Mentioned Samsung, the use of V-NAND chip can minimize the increase in energy used. You could say the chip will make energy use more efficient.

"This internal memory carries eight 64-layer 512GB V-NAND 64-layer chips and a controller chip, this 512GB UFS internal memory doubles the previous density, the 48-layer V-NAND on 256GB memory," Samsung said in a statement.

Samsung also revealed, this storage space will be equipped with read and write speeds up to 860Mbps and 255Mbps. Thus allowing users to process the 5GB HD video transfer within 6 seconds.