Samsung will reportedly launch its smart speakers in the first half of 2018.

Samsung logo
Earlier this year, rumors said Samsung will produce intelligent speakers of his work, supported by Bixby's virtual assistant. Now Samsung is reportedly planning to produce the speakers and will launch it in the first half of 2018. Similar to Apple HomePod, Samsung will focus on audio quality and intelligent control of smart devices such as keys. Previously, Samsung denied the rumors, and then added significant changes to the display.

The device will be synchronized with Samsung Galaxy smartphone, TV and other devices. Samsung plans to market speakers with a price range of US $ 200.
The price makes this device offered at a price more affordable than the price of US $ 349 which is planned to be applied by Apple HomePod.

Meanwhile, Gartner said that the smart speaker market will grow to US $ 3.5 billion by 2021, up from last year of US $ 720 million.
In addition, Microsoft also took Harman Kardon to produce Microsoft Invoke, intelligent speakers supported by his virtual assistant, Cortana. Apple does not want to miss enliven the category through HomePod.

Apple HomePod is expected to be launched early next year, which is provided with the support of Siri's virtual assistant. Meanwhile, Sony is also rumored to be releasing smart speakers supported by Google Assistant.
The first intelligent speaker category was created by Amazon through Amazon Echo. Amazon marketed the Echo for the first time in the United States in the summer of 2015, and received a good reception from the market.