Shazam announces an update for iOS version app with offline mode feature

Shazam offline mode
Last week, Apple announced the acquisition of Shazam for US $ 400 million. Shazam is reportedly continuing his efforts in providing updates for his mobile app. Updates generally become the company's medium of application in delivering the latest essential features and improvements.

Shazam announced an update for its iOS version app, armed with a new feature that is offline mode. This mode works to recognize songs via Shazam even though it is not connected to the active internet network.
To take advantage of the functionality that the mode offers, users can tap the big blue buttons on the app. Doing so will allow the app to display song titles when the internet is off.
The app will instantly display notifications even when the app is not accessed. Shazam reports that users can also sync Shazam accounts between mobile apps and web versions.

The new version of Shazam for iOS is available for download in the Apple app store, App Store, so users can take advantage of the new offline mode. When confirming the acquisition, Apple admitted impatiently collaborate with Shazam after the acquisition transaction process is complete.
Shazam rated will be able to help Apple in a number of ways. One of the most able to help Apple Music is Shazam team's ability to enhance the experience that the service offers.