Smartwatch is still less popular than smart speakers

Samsung Gear S2
The latest report from eMarketer mentions that wearable technology, including smartwatch, has not managed to win people's hearts. One reason for this is that smart speakers are becoming a trend of new technology products.

The popularity of these intelligent speakers is also driven by offering more affordable prices when compared to smart watches. The report also noted that consumers have not found a reason to support the purchase of smartwatch, because it's worth a new smartphone.

The growth of wearable devices rated continues to be disappointing. By 2015, eMarketer predicts that among adult consumers in the United States, sales of wearable devices will increase by 60 percent by 2016.

With sales figures of 24.7 percent by 2018, eMarketer also predicted a decline in the growth of wearable devices by 11.9 percent. The decline is also expected to continue to single digits in 2019 and beyond.

eMarketer analyst Cindy Liu mentioned that growth in this category will be presented by new smartwatch users. Liu said the problem lies in the lack of attractive and must-have products in the smartphone category, which is currently still dominated by fitness and health tracking devices.

Meanwhile, 77 percent of the adult population in the United States are smartphone owners, and only 20 percent use smartwatch. Smartwatch categories are expected to take two to three years to reach top positions.