SpaceX successfully launched the Dragon capsule into space for the second time

SpaceX Dragon spacecraft
SpaceX space company reportedly successfully launched NASA's rocket and supply capsule for the ISS. These rockets and capsules have been used before.

This means it is the second time they both fly into space. It also makes SpaceX as a successful space company developing and using space rockets and space capsules.

The rocket used in the mission this time is Falcon 9 while the space capsule is named Dragon. Falcon 9 rocket used is already repeatedly flown into space and successfully landed several times on the surface of the Earth automatically. However, this is the first time the Dragon capsule has taken a shuttle trip previously used on a supply mission to the ISS in June 2017.

NASA says the Dragon capsule is now docked on the ISS and will be perched at the space station until January 2018.

The Dragon Capsule brings various supplies to the required ISS crew during mission and experimentation in outer space. The success of the Dragon capsule allows NASA to choose SpaceX back as a provider of space transportation services.

Dragon capsule is one of SpaceX's ambitions to master the transportation market into outer space. Similar to Soyuz, this capsule was created to transport cargo into space. The latest version is also designed to bring astronauts into space.

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