The simplest way to buy BTC with a credit card

Buy BTC with credit card
For beginners who are still in the stage of learning to buy digital bits of bitcoin (BTC) is quite confusing. There are many processes to go through to buy bitcoin and put it in the bitcoin wallet we already have.

However, for beginners and already have a credit card it can be easy to buy bitcoin by using Indacoin. By making a purchase transaction in indacoin, many processes are trimmed to get bitcoin and go straight into our bitcoin account.

Indacoin sometimes likes to give discounts on the purchase of bitcoin.

Here is how to purchase bitcoin transactions (BTC):
1. First we go to Indacoin site
2. Then we click on "Buy Bitcoin".
3. After that, at this stage:
  • Fill in the USD value you want to use to buy bitcoin. For the first time the transaction can only buy bitcoin with a maximum price of USD 1000.
  • And Fill in the email data correctly.
4. After that fill the credit card data.
5. At this stage is required to fill out
  • Card Number
  • The name on the card
  • expiry date
  • CVV number is 3 digit number behind the card

6. After that we will be taken to credit card verification display
7. After that we are taken back to the page in Indacoin and waiting for the phone to tell us which code we have to fill.
8. The next step is we are asked to fill in the code on our credit card bill. In this step, we can get the code with 
  • login to E-banking or  
  • call customer service credit card
9. After getting the code, then we fill. Then click Confirm.
10. Then we will be taken to the last page of the transaction. And wait for transaction verification result.
11. After successfully verified a message will appear in the lower right corner.
12. And receive an email stating successful verification.
13. Finish the transaction process buy bitcoin in Indacoin and we just check on the address bitcoin we are headed.
NB: The way the transaction to buy bitcoin in Indacoin could change at any time.