The US security department accused the DJI drone as a spy for the Chinese government

DJI drone
The United States government has often accused the Chinese government of espionage in the US using the Chinese-made device. Now the allegations are directed to the DJI. According to Homeland Security, DJI-made drones collect sensitive data in the US and give it to the Chinese government. According to the department, the DJI targets military, law enforcement and other infrastructure in the US.

The data will help China in planning better physical as well as cyber attacks into the United States, if it comes to this allegation mentioned in a memo written in August.

The memo released by Homeland Security is also allegedly linked to a ban on the use of DJI drones in August by the US military. The DJI certainly dismissed the allegations, and called it a false accusation.

Previously, the US government has also accused several other companies, for example Huawei, who was accused of spying using his mobile phone.

ZTE was once exposed to the same allegations until finally banned from trading activities in Uncle Sam's country.

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