Toshiba has just announced a Hard Drive named Toshiba MG07ACA that has a capacity of 14TB

Toshiba MG07ACA 14 TB
Toshiba has just announced it has started marketing hard disks with high capacity. Hard disk named Toshiba MG07ACA has a capacity of 14TB and claimed to be the largest capacity hard disk in the market today. This hard disk still uses helium technology but has a disk plate that is thinner than other hard disks.

The disk thickness used in the MG07ACA is only 0.635mm, thinner than the average of other high-capacity hard disks that have a disk thickness of up to 0.8mm.

Disk in MG07ACA is the result of development in cooperation with a Japanese technology company named Showa Denko.

"On the MG07ACA hard disk this time we use 9 disks that are all rotating inside an isolated room containing helium, which makes the disk rotate more optimally so that despite its large capacity it still performs well," said Vice President of Storage Products Division, Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation Akitoshi Iwata.

Toshiba is still targeting the use of this hard disk for the enterprise first. Thus, the new MG07ACA will be present through the B2B network or through products provided by certain computer vendors. 

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