Uber charges a fee of $14,400 just for a 20-minute journey

Uber car
The year 2017 is not a good year for Uber. Application-based transportation company is experiencing many problems, ranging from allegations of sexual harassment that led to the retreat of founder Travis Kalanick as CEO until about the problem of hacking the data covered up.

The existence of loopholes in their payment system caused a new problem for Uber. This problem happened to one of Uber passengers from Toronto, Canada.

He was named Hisham Salama, who recently used Uber to travel 5 miles in about 20 minutes. For those trips you will not usually pay more than US $ 10. However, Uber charges CA $ 18,518.5 or about US $ 14,400.

To Vice, Salama recalled, when he saw the bill, at first he did not really think about it. He just laughed, because I thought it was wrong. However, 20 minutes later, he decides to check his credit card bill, to make sure that there is no problem in the bill.

It turned out that the unreasonable amount was indeed billed to the credit card Salama. As if that was not bad enough when he contacted Uber, a customer service spokesman said the bill was true.
This is what prompted Salama to share her strange story to social media. Finally he got the money back from Uber. Of course this made Salama relieved, but she was still worried about Uber's initial response and how she needed some effort to straighten out the bills.

Uber admitted wrong. "There was a mistake here and it was settled," said Uber spokesman.

"We have returned all riders money and apologized for this bad experience, we have a precaution to make sure things like this do not happen and we are trying to understand how this can happen."

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