Uber services are considered more reliable than ambulances by people in the US

In an emergency, an ambulance is required because it provides adequate power and medical equipment in it. In the United States. precisely Uber more behavior than the ambulance car.

Based on research by University of Kansas Professor of Economics David Slusky and Doctor at San Diego's Scripps Mercy Hospital Dr. Leon Moskatel discovered since the presence of UberX, the ambulance service continued to decline.

Since UberX has been present in 800 cities in 43 states of the United States, the number of ambulance services continues to drop dramatically from 2013 to 2015. The decline of 7 percent in each city.
Both researchers mentioned that the price factor became the main reason Uber more reliable than the ambulance. Many US people think that the price of ambulance services is soaring.

"Most of those who need it still have time to think about the costs they should bear, they will be very concerned about the allocation of costs for their health care first," said Slusky.
Slusky said the waiting time is also a reason that is not less important. Usually to use an ambulance service will depend heavily on the volume of fleet availability in every hospital.

Imagine if you have to wait for an ambulance from a hospital location some distance away, while you just need to be taken to the nearest hospital. Therefore, Uber's service is more reliable.
Uber's party in the United States responded to it casually and proudly. However, they caution that for those needs it is clear that the service of medical personnel and medical supplies provided by ambulance cars is much better.