Users of pirated applications vulnerable exposed to bitcoin mining

bitcoin mining
Bitcoin is either a cryptocurrency or a popular digital currency later on. Many parties use all means to get it. One of them is by secretly breaking into other computer systems and controlling it as a bitcoin mine.

Hackers who opened a bitcoin mine on their victim's computer did not do so by breaking into force the computer's security system. They take advantage of the bad habits of the victim, which likes to download pirated software.

Explained Kaspersky Lab, any pirated software that is offered for free is embedded an archive that contains the mining program. At the time the pirated software is installed, the mining program will also start running silently.

This mining program must have a bitcoin mining account. That is, the victim's computer is also controlled remotely by cyber criminals.

For the impact, victims will be burdened in performance because of exploitation. The age of installed components may be shorter.

As is well known mining activities greatly affect the consumption of electricity, so the electricity bill received by the victim can swell for no apparent reason. So financial losses also threaten the victims.

Therefore, Kaspersky Lab recommends that computer users only download and install software originating from authorized sources, and do not forget to install additional security systems.

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