VLC media player for iOS now brings support for iPhone X and 4K videos support

VLC Media Player
Less than a week after the Android version of VLC received an important update, now turn popular media player for mobile devices in the iOS operating system version also received the same update. The update brings support for iPhone X, as well as a number of fixes to prevent applications from malfunctions on devices using iOS 7 and iOS 8 operating systems.

In addition, this update is also provided with support for 4K High-Effiency Video Coding (HEVC) video. A number of general bug fixes are also available, promising a smoother use experience.
VLC mobile version is an application capable of playing movies, television shows and music in various formats directly without requiring a conversion. In addition, the media player also allows file synchronization with a number of cloud services.
These services include Dropbox, GDrive, Box, iCloud Drive and iTunes. In addition, the app can also play live download content, share via Wi-Fi, and broadcast through media and site servers.
VLC is also provided with support for better text translation, including multi-track audio, and playback speed controllers. This application can be obtained free of charge through the application store of each platform.