Starbucks wi-fi secretly mines digital cryptocurrency money

You should always be careful with the free Wi-Fi connection offered in cafes or restaurants, even for famous places though. One Starbucks coffee shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina has recently been known to have used its customer device to mine cryptocurrency type Monero. The findings came after CEO and founder Stensul, an enterprise-class email provider, Noah Dinkin, visited one of the Starbucks stores in Buenos Aires.

When he connects to the Starbucks Wi-Fi network and tries to open an email, Dinkin feels there is something odd. Access the device more slowly than usual.

After further investigation, Wi-Fi at the Starbucks store secretly uses all connected devices to perform the mining activities of Monero.

This will certainly hurt the user Wi-Fi network because most of the device resources used to perform mining activities. The side effect is the CPU on the device will always be busy and the battery will quickly run out.

Dinkin has reported the case to Starbucks via Twitter. The Starbucks party said it was aware of the problem and immediately contacted the relevant parties in order to remove the program code used to mine the Monero at the Starbucks store referred to by Dinkin.

In its official statement, Starbucks claimed to use third parties to provide free internet service so that they can not control the system as a whole.

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