12 ways to save battery on iphone 6s

iPhone 6s
The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 9 makes our iOS device feel like new again with the latest features and improvements on each side. But like most new updates, this update also asks for more battery power than before. Now 12 ways to save battery devices using iOS 9. Here are 12 tips.

1. Monitor apps that consume power and turn off if not useful by going to Settings - General - Battery.

2. Enable Low Power Mode by going to Settings - General - Battery - Lower Power Mode. By enabling this mode you will get an additional 3 hours of standby time but features like email drag, auto download, and some visual effects will be turned off.

3. Turn off location services needed for irrelevant applications. Go to Settings - Privacy - Location Services locate and find an application that does not really need GPS to work.

4. Turn off Bluetooth if not necessary by going to Settings> Bluetooth.

5. Turn off widgets that are not really needed, because there are some widgets that pull data to update information continuously.

6. Limit Background App Refresh, which regularly pulls update data. Maybe if you only have one application this is not a problem, but of course this is not possible. For that you can go to Settings - General - Background App Refresh.

7. Turn off animation like parallax, zoom effect when out of folder by going to Settings - General - Accessibility - Reduce Motion.

8. Turn off the Accessibility settings that you do not need such as making the iOS display black and white by going to Settings> General> Accessibility> Grayscale. Reduce color intensity Settings - General - Accessibility - Increase Contrast. Or reduce Transparency Settings - General - Accessibility - Increase Contrast.

9. Turn off the app auto update by going to Settings - App and iTunes Stores - Automatic Downloads and slide the switch to turn it off.

10. Lower the display light through Settings - Display & Brightness and adjust the brightness as necessary.

11. Do not use Live Photo for wallpapers because the background is constantly changing and more will consume less power.

12. Turn off 3D Touch when your battery is running low. Indeed this feature is one excellent feature in the iPhone 6s, but it's good if you switch off for a moment if you want to save power. To turn this off, you can go to Settings - General - Accessibility - 3D Touch.