6 ways to distinguish between genuine and fake smartphone

Real vs fake
Currently the smartphone is not a luxury item that is difficult to obtain. Many cheap Android smartphones have stunning specifications. So reasonable if more and more smartphone users.

But beware, do not be fooled by the price of smartphones sold cheap. If you can not tell the difference, your smartphone might be a fake or black market. Therefore I will provide how to distinguish the original smartphone and fake, so you do not be fooled when buying a new smartphone.

1. Packaging

When buying a smartphone, make sure your smartphone is still packaged to ensure that it is new. Well-known manufacturers must pack their smartphones with a good and neat packaging. But the fake smartphone packaging will be of origin.

2. Handbook

Manual book or user guide of the original smartphone usage should use language appropriate with its target market. Why is that? Because it's so that can be understood by users.

3. Materials

It's opened and ready to use, but suddenly your smartphone material is not quality and looks so good? It must be a fake smartphone. Not only the body, materials such as charger adapter should also be considered.

4. Details on Smartphones

In every smartphone, there must be details left by the manufacturer. Usually their name. Notice the font details used and are in the smartphone. If it turns out the letters broke, easy to peel and not tidy yes it must be fake.

In addition to fonts, details on the completeness of other smartphones also need to be viewed. For example the original charger always given special details for security, while fake smartphone charger always plain on the plastic.

5. USB cable

USB cable that has a long plug does not match the depth and shape of the USB port holder can also be a fake smartphone indicator. Therefore if your smartphone is genuine, avoid using a fake charger.

6. Check IMEI Number

Make sure the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number in your new smartphone box is the same as the one on the smartphone.

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