Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos donated $ 33 million to immigrant children

Jeff Bezos
The world's richest man, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has just donated US $ 33 million for a scholarship fund. The aid was given to Dreamers, immigrant children who came to the United States and had Deffered Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) qualifications.

Bezos will support TheDream.US, a program aimed at helping Dreamers, who often do not qualify for scholarships to continue their education.

The program is organized thanks to cooperation with 74 colleges and universities, including George Mason University, University of Washington, Hunter College, Rutgers University, and others.

TheDream.Us said in a statement, the donated funds raised will be given to 1,000 illegal immigrant children joined in the DACA, for tuition.

Currently, the studying Dreamers use donations from TheDreamers.US of 2,850 children with help of US $ 33,000.

For Jeff Bezos, donating to immigrant children may be based on personal matters. "My father came to the United States when he was 16 years old, as part of Operation Pedro Ban," he said. Bezos recalled, when he came to the United States, his father could not speak English.

"With the courage and help of some amazing organizations in Delaware, my father became an exceptional citizen, he also sought to give more to the country for being blessed in many ways," Jeff Bezos said of his father.

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