App Store achieved record sales of $ 300 million on New Year's Day

App Store
Apple announced the App Store managed to break the record last holiday season. During the week from Christmas Eve to seven days later, the App Store records as many as US $ 890 million spent on consumers in the app store.

On the first day of 2018, there was a transaction worth US $ 300 million in the App Store. Apple's marketing chief Philip Schiller called Apple happy for the responses that consumers gave to the new App Store version, which was introduced on iOS 11.

According to Apple, Augmented Reality (AR) game Pokemon Go dominated the App Store on December 21st, after the new AR feature was introduced. Apple also mentions that there are nearly 2,000 ARKit-enabled applications in its app store.

The AR game category is enlivened by popular titles including CSR Racing 2, Stack AR, Kings of Pool, Amazon, Wayfair, Night Sky, Pitu, and Snapchat. The mention of Apple ARKit in response to a report indicating interest in the ARKit app has faded.

App Store data is distributed on Jan. 3 of United States time by Apptopia, indicating that in the last two months, the release of applications with ARKit compatibility has been less.

Through iOS 11, Apple introduced the new App Store with the separation of apps and games into different categories, to improve the user experience with app searches. The newly designed App Store also comes with a Today section.

The Today section shows information about new popular apps and games, which Apple regularly updates on a daily basis.

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