Apple CEO Tim Cook promises to be more honest about the iPhone battery

Apple CEO Tim Cook
There has been no continuing news related to the demands received by Apple over the disclosure of Apple deliberate cases slow the performance of the iPhone. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised a solution. Citing one of Cook's interviews with local media ABC News, he said that in the next iOS update there will be features available to resolve the case.

This feature is explained Cook makes iPhone users can clearly and easily know the condition of the battery. IPhone users can find out whether his phone is slowed or not by Apple.

Cook also mentioned a feature that gives iPhone users the option to enable or disable settings that automatically slow the iPhone's performance to maintain battery quality.

Nevertheless, Cook does not really advocate the second way mentioned. In addition, he also revealed the answer to the battery replacement request for the problem.

Some time ago many iPhone users who request battery replacement over this problem mainly from old iPhone users. Cook said that it prefers to provide a replacement battery that is cheaper than free.

According to Cook, this way is more rational rather than providing free battery replacement to all iPhone users simultaneously. Nevertheless this step is seen more able to keep Apple's business so as not to lose money.

When asked about the possible price of the iPhone made cheaper, Cook refuses to agree with it. According to Cook, the price of the iPhone today is very fitting both for consumers and producers with the innovations embedded in the phone.

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