Apple has managed to sell 20 million Mac computers in the Year 2017

Apple Mac
Compared to the Windows operating system, the macOS operating system may be less popular than Microsoft's operating system. However, the number of Mac computer device sales is quite satisfactory in the year 2017.

Based on data released by IDC and Gartner, Apple is able to sell Mac computers as much as 20 million units in 2017. That is, Apple ranks fourth in the world based on computer sales.

Apple earned a percentage of 7.6% of total computer shipments in 2017. While on top of that is Dell with a 16.1% percentage, Lenovo at 21.1%, and HP (Hewlett-Packard) at 22.7%.

Although in fourth position, Apple is superior to Acer and Asus which only has the percentage of 6.8% and 6.6%. In terms of growth, Apple has 5.9% growth compared to last year.

This percentage of Apple is the second largest among the six major computer companies. The highest growth is still held by HP with 8.2% growth percentage.

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