Apple Health app so proof of rape and murder cases

Health app data
The more applications that connect to humans, the more important data or information that can be utilized. The worst case example is the investigation of rape and murder cases in Germany.

From local media in Germany, the German police have found evidence to imprison the suspect the case has started since last September.

A refugee in Freiburg, Germany allegedly raped and murdered a 19-year-old female student. Initially, the perpetrator is reluctant to give the iPhone password that he uses to the police.

This is done so that the police do not find data or information that could burden the suspect's sentence. However, the German police chose to recruit a company that could breach the iPhone security system.

From there the police browse data from Apple Health health applications that are embedded directly in the entire iPhone operating system since IOS 8 was released in 2014 ago. German police found not only records of activities such as climbing stairs but also geolocation of the movement of the suspect.

After doing the crime scene apparently the record is very appropriate, including the part where the suspect brought the victim's body into the river to be thrown away. As a result, the suspect can not dodge anymore because the evidence of his crime is very strong.

Although this step proved to be very helpful in the investigation of criminal cases but in the future it could be done for the wrong purpose.

For example, fabricating accusations against innocent people. Unauthorized data retrieval of the owner is in fact also a violation of user privacy.

This kind of thing is not the first time. In the United States alone. The competent authorities often utilize data on technological devices used by victims and perpetrators to investigate cases.

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