Apple Park will begin to occupy Apple employees this week

Apple Park
Apple Park, Apple's new headquarters that stood in Cupertino, California, began to be occupied by employees this week. Employees will occupy as many as five of 12 sections on Apple Park, while other parts are still in the making process.

One of Apple's employees voiced his excitement via his personal Twitter account, informing the start of the transfer process from Apple Campus, Apple's current office, to Apple Park.

Until now, as many as seven parts of the building is still under construction, and is expected to be completed in March. The official residential permit required to move employees to the device is also reportedly not fully completed, and only five parts have been completed.

To obtain such permission, Apple must meet specific requirements to ensure employee safety. Apple is reportedly able to obtain permission as long as shelter is available, allowing building occupants to reach the public space safely.

The United States development agency, represented by Albert Salvador, said it would not issue this residential certificate until all development work on Apple Park was completed.

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