Apple plans to cut the number of iPhone X production units

iPhone X
Apple reportedly has officially cut the number of iPhone X production on Monday. Apple is said to be reducing the number of units produced from initial target predictions over the period from January to March by 40 million, to 20 million units.

The reduction in the production unit is referred to as Apple's adjustment to the falling demand for iPhone X.

Reports circulating that the reduction of the iPhone X units is also driven by increased inventory, because the problem of supply of TrueDepth camera component has been completed.

Nevertheless, the problem still requires Apple to cut as much as 50 percent of this smart phone order. This information also explains why Samsung's OLED A3 display factory will not operate at maximum capacity this month, after working hard to produce a mobile device screen, including the 5.8-inch panel used by iPhone X.

Apple also announced its fourth-quarter earnings results on Thursday, and investors are expected to look for clues related to reports on iPhone X production cuts as Apple delivers predictions for the current quarter.

Analysts also expect iPhone X to enter April with sales of 63 million units, and Apple will lower its sales forecast to 51-57 million units.

This is still in tune with the decline in December to March of all iPhone sales, reaching 30 percent, after demand peaked.

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