Apple released iOS 11.2.5 update contains support for HomePod

iOS 11.2.5
Apple announces the release of iOS 11.2.5 version updates to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch compatible units. This update focuses on support for HomePod, but Apple continues to provide support with a number of other improvements.

In addition to allowing users to organize and automatically move Apple ID, Apple Music, Siri and Wi-Fi settings to HomePod, this update also lets users enjoy Siri News features.

Through Siri News, users can give orders to Siri to display the news, and this digital assistant will read the latest news soon. In addition, users can also order news readings on specific categories like sports, business or music.

However, this feature is only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Among the numerous fixes available on the update, Apple mentioned improvements to problems that could cause the Phone app to display incomplete information on the call list.

In addition, this update will also feature fixes for issues that cause Mail notifications from a number of Exchange accounts disappear from Lock screen when unlocking the iPhone X screen by utilizing the Face ID feature.

This update also fixes bugs causing conversations in the Messages app to temporarily display as damaged messages, and issues with CarPlay because the Now Playing controller is unresponsive after several track changes.

iOS 11.2.5 will also be supported with new capabilities for VoiceOver to announce the purpose of music playback and AirPod battery levels. This update has started to be released, but gradually so as to be slowly received by the compatible device.

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