Apple reportedly will stop making iPhone X

iPhone X
Apple may stop production of the iPhone X this year. On Friday, Ming-Chi Kuo analyst from KGI Securities estimates that Apple will soon no longer produce the iPhone X.

It is estimated that Apple will shut down the iPhone X this summer, just before the new iPhone launches and less than a year since the phone was launched.

In a note, Kuo implies that the reason Apple stopped producing the iPhone X was because of low consumer interest, especially in China.

Kuo then clarified that the reason for the iPhone X is no longer being produced is because Apple is worried about a "cannibalization" on the new iPhone that was launched in the fall.

Every year, Apple is launching a new iPhone. However, before this, Apple never stopped producing an iPhone just a year after the phone was launched.

Usually the Cupertino origin company continues to sell their old model iPhone. Until now, Apple still sells iPhone 7 or even iPhone 6s.

Several months ago, Kuo made predictions about the iPhone that Apple will launch this year. He mentioned, Apple will launch two premium models.

One of them will have a 5.8 inch screen and another one will have a larger screen, 6.5 inches, which is priced approximately the same as the current iPhone X, around US $ 999. One other model is the 6.1-inch iPhone that is priced around US $ 799.

If Apple lowers the price of the iPhone X, then the price will be close to the 6.1 inch iPhone model this year. This means, Apple will sell mobile phones last year at the same price as new phones released this year.

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