Apple speeds up iPhone battery replacement program

iPhone battery
Apple had promised an old iPhone battery replacement program from late January 2018. But in reality, the company headed by Tim Cook accelerated it a month.

The technology giant based in Cupertino, California, United States announced that the program has been running since December 31. But Apple requires a device that can follow this minimum iPhone 6, whether that is still a warranty or not.

Apple did not mention the reason why it accelerated the program. Perhaps because more and more lawsuits against Apple because they deliberately slow the performance of the iPhone.

The company made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak has just got a lawsuit in France. They are accused of deliberately slowing the performance of the iPhone in order to increase sales of the latest series.

According to French law, deliberately reducing the age of a product to increase sales is considered a form of crime. If convicted, Apple's leaders are facing a two-year jail term and pay a maximum fine of 300,000 euros.

Apple itself has sent an apology for their deliberate slow performance iPhone. "We've heard feedback from consumers about how we handle iPhone performance with old batteries and how we communicate it.We know some of you feel that Apple is disappointing," Apple said in a statement.

"Our goal is always to create products that our consumers love, and make the iPhone as beautiful as possible is an important part of that goal," Apple added.
Apple also announced the cost of replacing the iPhone battery is lowered from the previous US $ 79 to US $ 29. Then, iOS update in 2018 at once will show the user's iPhone battery status.