Applications WhatsApp had fallen ahead of the turn of the new year

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Based on reports India became the country that most felt the fall of WhatsApp. It happened just minutes before the New Year celebration. That is, some countries in eastern India have already celebrated the turn of the year. Countries in the European region including the UK is the most affected.

For those who have a disruption ahead of the turn of the year, may not be aware of WhatsApp uprooted and simply assume the service is being overloaded or the internet signal is being ugly. The usual conditions when the world is experiencing a big celebration event.

WhatsApp collapsed at 19:42 British time. Based on reports of Europe's most reported complaints about the service interruption of WhatsApp experienced. It is rumored that the collapse of WhatsApp service took almost 1 hour.
Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not have a site and notices when its services are uprooted. Reported a few hours ago WhatsApp service has returned to normal, but the WhatsApp party did not explain the cause of the service fell.