Artificial intelligence Alibaba defeat humans in reading tests

Artificial intelligence
The AI (Artificial Intelligence) program created by Alibaba and Microsoft has managed to score higher than humans in a Stanford University reading test.

"This is the first time the machine has beaten humans in such a test," Alibaba said in an official statement.

This test is made by AI experts at Stanford to know the ability to read robots. AI made by Alibaba is the first to get higher values than humans.

Chief Scientist of Natural Language Processing at AI Alibaba research group Luo Si said that this achievement is a great pride. However, he also admitted, this will probably make more and more people lose their jobs because it was replaced by a robot.

This technology can slowly be used in many areas, such as customer service, museum tutorials and online responses to patient medical questions, reducing the need to employ human beings in a way that has never existed before, "Si said.

Alibaba has successfully used AI to help them in Singles Day, the world's largest shopping festival, letting AI answer most customer questions.

In a tweet, Pranav Rajpurkar, one of the Stanford researchers who developed this reading test mentioned that achieving Alibaba as a good start in 2018 for AI.

On January 11, AI Alibaba scored 82.44, slightly higher than the value of human participants, 82.304. The next day, Microsoft's AI also scored higher than human participants with a value of 82,650.

"These tests are useful benchmarks to find out how sophisticated our AI is," said Microsoft spokesman Andrew Pickup.

"However, the true benefits of AI will be seen when it is used side by side with humans."

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