Baidu team up with BlackBerry to work on autonomous cars

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The name of BlackBerry may be dimming in the smart phone industry, but the company is still pretty healthy in the software business. The company was signed by Baidu in developing autonomous cars. Blackberry agreed to help the Chinese giant internet company. As Baidu is aware of preparing their autonomous car named Apollo.

Baidu wants the QNX operating system software developed by Baidu to be used as an autonomous Apollo car platform. QNX operating system itself is already prepared to support information technology systems on the car.

Initially, QNX was developed by a company called QNX Software System which was later acquired by BlackBerry in 2010 and had appeared in CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Baidu wants to embed the security features and features of its homemade digital sound technology into the QNX operating system, such as the Baidu CarLife feature that allows autonomous cars to connect to smartphones and DuerOS apps, an artificial intelligence assistant also developed by Baidu.

"We aim to create a fully autonomous car while still prioritizing security and safety in the technology.This cooperation will help us realize the prototypes we created to begin production and strengthen the autonomous car development ecosystem," said General Manager of Baidu Intelligent Driving Group Li Zhenyu.

QNX BlackBerry General Manager John Wall said this cooperation provides an opportunity for the QNX operating system to enter the technological development of a wider autonomous car and QNX can complement the autonomous car ecosystem from the security side.

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