Bill Gates invested £29 million to develop a super cow

Bill Gates
Bill Gates returned to humanitarian action to help many people. According to a recent report, Gates will invest £ 29 million to help breed super cows.

The cattle breeding will involve the race of British cattle and African cattle. Later, the genes from British cattle will be implanted into the DNA of African cattle to produce more formidable animals.

For your information, British cattle are able to produce an average of 40 liters of milk per day, while the African cow is only 3.5 liters. However, African cattle are able to survive stronger than heat and eat less food.

"Hopefully, with this cow, we can get a cow that is four times more productive with strong resilience.In this case, we not only benefit from the economic side, but also health," said Melinda Gates.

Therefore, Gates chose to support this research, so that it can help the availability of food in difficult areas. He says agriculture and livestock are also a way out of poverty in some countries.

"Science and research led by great thinkers in Edinburgh make a big leap in improving the health and productivity of livestock," he said.

Gates himself will invest in the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines or GALVmed.

Not only developing crossbreeds between cows, Edinburgh University also uses software developed to make vaccines. Later, the vaccine can be used to prevent cattle disease in the tropics.