Chinese consumers sent letters of demand to Apple related to the slowdown in performance of the old model iPhone

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After getting demands from DGCCRF France and U.S. The Senate Commerce Committee, China's oversight body, is now filing a lawsuit against Apple over its decision to slow down the iPhone with old batteries without notifying users.

Chinese media Xinhua reported China's consumer group had sent a letter to Apple. The letter demands additional information related to the iPhone's slowdown performance and plans to resolve the issue in the future.

This consumer group also demanded that Apple give an answer before January 19th. A number of such claims are also from the Shanghai Consumer Council, claiming to have received 2,615 complaints related to Apple products and services during 2017.

The number of complaints received by the Chinese consumer watchdog in 2017 was reported to increase significantly compared to the number of complaints in 2015 of 964 complaints.

Following the dissemination of information related to Apple's action to slow down device performance due to battery consumption, Apple last month offered a replacement battery at a more affordable cost of US $ 29, from its previous cost of US $ 79.

Apple has also released an apology related to the issue, and explains that slowing down the iPhone processor with long battery support is not doing to encourage users to buy newer model iPhones.

This action is called Apple to prevent problems causing the device to disable unexpectedly, because the battery can not handle applications with high power consumption requirements.

Until now there are many parties voiced disagreement related to Apple's actions. In the country of origin, Apple faces lawsuits filed by a number of groups related to this issue.

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