Drones are used to deliver blood supplies to hospitals in Africa

Drone Zipline
Through the cooperation of the Rwanda Health Ministry, Zipline's startup drone is utilized to deliver medical supplies. The activity is considered by some observers to start showing serious impact. The service with this drone has sent more than 5,500 units of blood to workers in remote areas, locations that often have difficulty in obtaining the supply.

This service works with 12 hospitals, all of which can be reached by state-based drone networks in the eastern region. In total, the hospital provides care and medicine for more than five million people.

Delivery via drone becomes an important service because it allows hospitals to obtain new supplies that are delivered periodically instead of supplies delivered from afar that have been damaged for use.

The Rwandan government announces full support for the service of blood delivery and medical supplies via drones as it is assessed more quickly. Previously to send blood, they took four hours, while with this service to 45 minutes.

Drones can fly at speeds up to 60 miles per hour and delivery networks can notify hospital staff as drones approach the inter-location point. When you reach the destination location, the drone will lower the supply while it is on the air using a parachute, then return to its base.

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