Facebook into the hardware business with video chat tool

Facebook logo
Facebook will enter the realm of the hardware business through a device called Portal. This product is designed for home use and is intended to help families stay connected through video chat.

In addition, Portal is also reportedly utilizing other social media platforms. The device is expected to be announced at Facebook's annual Facebook F8 conference in May.

The device is also predicted to begin distributing in the second half of 2018. The portal will come with a similar look from the Amazon Echo Show smart speakers, made with 7-inch screen.

This Facebook device will also be equipped with a wide angle camera, capable of recognizing faces and likening it to the facebook owner's Facebook account. But when compared with the Echo Show, Portal will be marketed at a higher price.

Facebook is expected to market the Portal for US $ 499, higher than the Amazon Echo Show price of US $ 230. However, Facebook can also lower the price to attract consumers.

Until now, Facebook still refuses to comment related to the report. But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly told employees that he does not care about the revenue earned from Portal.

Zuckerberg only hoped the presence of this device could encourage active use by similar consumer phones to stay connected with family and colleagues.

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