Facebook starts to install WhatsApp business only on Android

WhatsApp business
The team behind the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp revealed its plan to launch a business account last year, giving users access to specific features. Now a special app called WhatsApp Business is officially launched and available on the Google Play Store.

This app is offered for free download, but only available in certain regions. The new WhatsApp Business will be available in a number of countries such as Italy, Mexico, UK, USA and Indonesia.

However, WhatsApp claims this app will be released to more markets in the coming weeks. WhatsApp Business is a similar version to the regular WhatsApp app, with many specific features such as the option to create a business profile.

The option allows users to receive useful information like business descriptions and emails, or store and site addresses. WhatsApp Business also has a feature called Messaging Tools.

This feature includes options such as quick reply, welcome message, and bookmark messages. Messaging Statistics, WhatApp Web and Account Type are a number of other features that support this particular app, but are not available in regular apps.

But up to now, no information is available regarding the availability of this business version for the iOS version of the app. However WhatsApp is expected to launch the iOS version in the future.

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