Facebook will apply major changes to News Feed on its platform

Facebook logo
Facebook is planning major changes to News Feed 2018 designed to promote more positive interactions. Faceboook plans to promote uploads capable of creating discussions, compared to uploads with passive consumption.

Facebook officials hope the change in creating a sense of fun when using Facebook. This decision became a Facebook solution after receiving criticism due to the negative effects it received during the past year.

"We feel responsible for ensuring our services are not only fun to use, it is also good for the mental health condition of users," said CEO Mark Zuckerberg on an official statement released by Facebook.

Zuckerberg also mentions an increasing number of uploads from significant publishers, both in the form of article and video links, changing the News Feed user experience and making it more passive and less satisfactory.

The changes announced last Thursday are designed to support uploads that encourage conversation. Meanwhile, this is not the first time Facebook has made changes to rebalance the experience of using its platform.

In 2016, Facebook announced it would better support uploads of peers and known users, compared to uploads shared by publisher or other business pages.

In 2015, Facebook introduced changes that also reduced page coverage to encourage more views from friends and family uploads. However, these changes are considered publishers continue to reduce their chances of conveying information to the public.

Zuckerberg expects to introduce the changes later this year, and will cause people to spend less time on Facebook, but that time will be more valuable and quality. Zuckerberg believes this will be good for the community and business in the long run.

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