Facebook will Block all ads related to bitcoin

Facebook logo
Facebook bans all ads promoting digital currencies, including bitcoins. The goal is to prevent people advertising what Facebook calls financial products and services that are typically synonymous with fraudulent promotional practices.

That is, no advertisers, including authorized advertisers, may promote things like bitcoin, other digital currencies, or ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), according to Facebook's Facebook post blog.

Ads that violate these new rules will be blocked from Facebook's main app. Do not stop there, the ad will also not be able to perform on other Facebook platforms, such as Instagram and its advertising network and Audience Network, which will include ads on third-party applications.

"This regulation is deliberately designed to have a wide range of scopes while we are trying to detect deceptive advertising practices," wrote Rob Leathern, one of Facebook's advertising technology directors.

"We will adjust this rule later and how we apply it."

The frenzy of digital currency has prompted people to commit fraud and make the price of digital currency fluctuate.

It makes many people, including investors, lose a lot of money. Fraud is strictly prohibited, but betting on investments that you do not really understand is not illegal.

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